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    This wiki will contain both an abridged version of the rules of the MLWM game and details about our specific campaign. *[[Rules]]*
    *[[The Master]]*
    *[[ …

  • The Master

    The Master sees all and knows all that happens in his domain. The Master may well allow the minor treasons of her minions to go unpunished immediately only to make her eventual retribution sting all the more. The Master is the enemy of his minions, but he …

  • Setting

    The "default" setting for a game of MLWM is a generic area in early 19th century Europe. A small rural town, the hills, pastures, and lakes immediately surrounding it, and of course the foreboding lair of The Master perched above it all. Of course, …

  • Characters

    The player characters in MLWM are the minions and henchmen of The Master. Each minion has his or her own story of how they came to be the Master's thrall. Each has his or her own hopes for a future free of The Master's yoke. Each minion has a singular …

  • Townspeople

    The townspeople are afraid. Afraid of [[The Master]]. Afraid of his [[characters|minions]]. Afraid of life. Afraid of death. It's no wonder The Master has nothing but contempt for these pathetic worms.

    But at the same time, these people …

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