Endgame is triggered when a minion has found enough strength to not only refuse the Master’s commands, but to try to put an end to it once and for all. Once endgame has started, the story becomes and inevitable spiral towards annihilation. In a way, the Master’s downfall is foretold from the moment of his creation, but this is where he or she meets final justice.

While endgame is afoot The Master is too busy to send his still-obedient minions on errands. They are free to act on their own. Assist the traitor? Assist the master? Sneak away amidst the confusion and search for Love or seek revenge on those who have wronged you?

The Master’s end is also the point at which the minions’ fates are sealed. It may not end well for them, but at least they are free from The Master’s torments.

A minion’s fate is determined by the balance of their sins at the moment of The Master’s demise.

W > R+S: The minion flees. Doing The Master’s bidding has broken their spirit. They cannot bear to face the townspeople, nor can they muster the will to end it all. Never will they know peace. A wretched end for a wretched soul.

S+W > L+R: The minion is killed in the struggle, whether by The Master’s hand, another minion’s, or by the angry mob. He who lives by the sword…

L+R > S+W: Integration. The minion is accepted into the life of the town. Is this forgiveness or pity? Does it matter?

S+L = L+R: Yes, Master! With no place in society and no purpose left to drive his or her days, the minion is at a loss. But there is no shortage of Fear in the world. Sooner or later they cross paths with one who sees both their potential and their weakness. A new Master takes their reigns.

S > W+R: Suicide. The minion cannot live with the things they have done. Is this an act of courage or of cowardice?

L = 0: The minion has become The Master! Only someone who has nothing left to lose can project his or her will so forcefully upon the world as to become a force of Fear in their own right.

If more than one of these conditions applies to a minion then the player may choose which one to use as the final resolution. The player is responsible for writing the last scene of their minion’s story according to the resolution indicated above. This should be memorable and dramatic.


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