The townspeople are afraid. Afraid of The Master. Afraid of his minions. Afraid of life. Afraid of death. It’s no wonder The Master has nothing but contempt for these pathetic worms.

But at the same time, these people represent something the minion can barely imagine: life without the master’s boot on their neck. That is reason enough to want to reach out to them.

The town contains the expected assortment of people for a town of its time and area. Butcher, baker, candlestick maker, blacksmith, farmer, mayor, etc. along with all their assorted daughters, sons, wives, and husbands. Until they are brought to the foreground by the actions of The Master or the minions, they go about their lives, trying not to be noticed.

When a minion reaches out to one of these people they take on a new significance – they become a Connection. A Connection is anyone for whom a minion has Love. The Connection may or may not have reciprocal feelings for the minion. They may not even know of the minion’s existence, but the bond is forged just the same. From that point on, the minion has some responsibility for that person. The Love they have for that Connection is a source of strength. If anything should happen to that fragile creature, that Love could be lost.

The Master knows that which you love can be used to hurt you.

As our campaign develops, further details will be filled in.


My Life with Master Mutak Mutak